Best Chilaquiles Worth Waking up For

by esmeaceves


Do you think of Chilaquiles as a Mexican Lasagna?

When green or red salsa is poured over crisp tortilla triangles, you know a delicious flavor is coming up. This extraordinary breakfast dish is one of my all time favorites. It is perfect to fulfill a craving for a big, spicy and yummy breakfast.

If you live around McAllen area, you must be wondering: “where do i go to get some awesome chilaquiles?”.

Do not worry, my friend. I just tasted several chilaquiles around, and have a few suggestion for you:


Their green and red sauce have the perfect combination of spicy and sour taste. Also, their mozzarella cheese is just delicious! Ask for your green chilaquiles with chicken, they will be served with black beans and delicious nopalitos.

Special Tip:  Add extra chicken and you wont be hungry until dinner.

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Their Chilaquiles sauce is beyond words, you must taste it! Their tortilla remains crisp until you finish your meal.

Special Tip: Add their green house of top of your chilaquiles for extra delicious flavor!

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A legend for McAllen Foodies. This downtown cafe is classy, with a kitchen full of fresh ingredients, their cooking translates into a homemade flavor in every dish you taste. Their chilaquiles are a must!

Special Tip: try them with chorizo

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I will be updating this list according to new discoveries. If you need information about the location of any of the restaurants, feel free to send me an inbox via facebook and I will gladly tell you all bout it!