MXLAN: The McAllen Festival of the Summer.

by esmeaceves


This past summer, a unique festival was held in the City of McAllen!  We enjoyed five day of this vibrant celebration, thanks to MXLAN sponsor Reliant.

What is MXLAN?

A five-day summer event featuring arts, music and food to experience Mexican culture. It was held at  The McAllen Convention Center and its surrounding areas.

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What kind of activities does and shows THIS FESTIVAL OFFER?

There are plenty of experiences for you to enjoy in this festival.  MXLAN offers attendees a unique opportunity to experience Mexican culture. From concerts, to “Mercados” (artisan markets), to food and tequila tasting events. Even an awesome carnival! Families, children and couples will have a blast! Here are some activities you will be able to enjoy through this festival:

  • Circo Hermanos Vazquez
  • La Guelaguetza Performers
  • MXLAN Unite Music Festival
  • Tequila Catrina Night
  • Neon Nights 5K
  • Sabor de Mexico (Unlimited tasting event!)
  • Awesome letter burning ceremony!!

For a complete list of events go to their official page at MXLAN.COM

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Thanks to our partnership with Reliant, Que Comer Rgv enjoyed a fun night at the  Sabor de Mexico experience, unlimited tasting event from more than 19 top restaurants from around the Rio Grande Valley, plus two drinks and live music!


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If you missed the event this year, make sure to attend in the summer 2020!

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Thanks for stopping by, if you are looking for more information about MXLAN event, check out their Instagram or Facebook profile.

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