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A place you to get one of the best cookies, macaroons, brownies and cupcakes in McAllen.

Located in the heart of McAllen, a cute place to get pastries made with love is one of favorite places to visit.

After the first bite in my banana nut muffin I was amazed. This was not your typical commercial muffin filled with artificial banana flavor syrup. They were real banana bites! After my first visit, six years ago, I keep coming back at least once a month, ok maybe is once a week, the point is after all these years, CC’S SWEETS AND TREATS is one of my favorite local places to get my pastries and cupcakes in mcallen.

These are the reasons why we always will come back to our cupcake heaven:


Not too sweet and not too to bland, their cookies have the  perfect combination between chocolate chips and butter. Remember to try their “kitchen sink” cookies, they have potato chips, chocolate chips, nuts, and other yummy toppings which I cannot remember right now. Oh! the perfection…

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My favorite are Nutella and Pistachio Macaroons. They are a must! Your CC’s sweet experience is incomplete if you are missing the taste of their macaroons.

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Always happy and vibrant! They welcome you with a big smile. I really appreciate Roberta’s dedication to provide our community with freshly made goods, to remember our little children and make them feel special every time we visit.

Check this video to witness Roberta’s vibrant personality and meet our collaborator @UnicorPurpleCat



From their crazy shakes events to the unicorn day or mermaid day. They always have me on my toes wondering what their latest yummy creation is going to be.

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The staple of CC SWEETS, their cupcakes are amazing! Fun, delicious and pretty. My favorite: Hostess with the Mostess and Nutella cupcake.

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Want to know more: check their MENU 



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Sunday afternoon, the perfect day to indulge and eat whatever you want, because, calories don’t count on Sundays.

My favorite cheat food is Pizza, so as I was grabbing my phone to order the usual at the usual place, I stopped. Suddenly, it hit me: there must be other options! We, valley people, must have other options besides the cesar, the hut and the dominos. I posted in Que Comer Rgv facebook page asking you, RGV FOODIES, for recommendations of the best local restaurants to have pizza in the Rio Grande Valley.

Because I received several answers, I decided to launched the RGV PIZZA PLAYOFFS, an online poll to democratically decided on the best Pizza Place in the RGV. This was the final list:

TOP 10

  1. Brick Fire Pizza. Mission, TEXAS
  2. Pittis Ristorante Italian Village. Brownsville, Texas
  3. Mama’s Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen. McAllen, Texas
  4. Stefano’s Brooklyn Pizza. McAllen, Texas
  5. Cordon’s Taste of Chicago. Edinburg, Texas
  6. Formacio Pizzeria, Mercedes, Texas.
  7. D’Pizza Joint. South Padre Island, Texas
  8. Scalisi’s Chicago Pizza. Pharr, Texas
  9. Russo’s New York Pizzeria. Harlingen, Texas
  10. Vicenza Pizzaria & Fondue. McAllen, Tezas.
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Congratulations to all the winners of RGV PIZZA PLAYOFFS! 



Looking For The Best Dumplings Around McAllen

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Dumpling: delicious small pieces of dough wrapped around a delicious filling.

The Rio Grande valley offers a plethora of international cuisine experiences and the Asian Flavors we have are plenty!

Within the amazing Asian dishes, one of my favorite is the dumpling, that delicious small piece of dough wrapped around a yummy filling. I am working on this list to share with you of the places around McAllen area where you will find very tasty dumplings!

NOTE: This list will be updated often according to my discoveries of delicious dumplings to share with you.



Steamed pork dumplings. They are served with a delicious specialty sauce, enhancing their flavor, and make them taste oh so yummy!

You can download their complete take out menu HERE

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Zen Asian Bistro

The place where great taste and wonderful presentation collide. Their customer service is awesome and their chicken dumplings are so delicious here.

You must try them! Find their facebook page HERE

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I am in love with the decoration of this restaurant. It is like being transported to a different place in a different country. What I recommend?

The Pot Stickers: Pan seared potstickers served with spicy sweet & sour sauce. You can check their full menu HERE.

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Remember, I will be updating this list often! If you will like to be notified of the best dumplings in the McAllen area, Keep tuned!


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in McAllen

by esmeaceves


A guide to my favorite coffee shops around McAllen.

Here is a small guide to my favorite coffee houses around McAllen area. I am so glad new restaurants and coffee places are flourishing, this only means RGV FOODIES like to support their local business!


(The order doesn’t reflect my preference or quality, it is just how they pop up in my mind)

When you want to try something new: lUNA cOFFE HOUSE
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Perfect for studying and catching up with friends! Their weekly open mic events are becoming popular within the community. My favorite are the Galactics frapps. They also have a specialty drinks for kids: UNICORNS MILK!

When you want to feel hipster af: semilla coffee lab

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When you are a craving a vacation or a change of scenery, go to Semilla Coffee Lab! Once you enter this cute, hipster coffee house you will feel transported to a different place! They craft a specialty drink called: TRAGOS; ice coffee with infused flavors! (a must try) My favorite is the latte with a hint of agave, just perfect. Also, I loved they a little nook full of compu pillows, for those time you just want a place to relax and think about your hopes and dream (Lol)

When you need something to wake up : Moon Beans

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A staple in McAllen coffee shops scene. Perfect for working, wifi quality helps you to focus on your work while sipping in their delicious coffees. My favorite is the home brew, the texture and flavor of their coffee is AMAZING.

When you have tons of work: Black Iron Cafe

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Located inside McAllen Library, this helps a lot to just grab your favorite drink and go to study! They also offer sandwiches and salads for lunch. I really like the dedication and care the owners invest in their coffee shop. My favorite is the Smores Frapp and the Coffee Float! Yes! Freshly brewed coffee poured in a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a hint of hazelnut flavor!


When you are looking for the perfect pastry to go with your brew: PJ pies

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Perfect for the occasional pie craving. My favorite is apple pie paired with an ice latte! This coffee house will be great for you when in need of a quiet place with a strong wifi signal to do some work or just hang out.